Wireless Infrastructure Services

Maintenance & Repair

SiteMaster offers both national and local market maintenance and repair services covering all aspects of wireless networks and tower assets. Over our 14 year history, we have delivered over 100,000 individual maintenance services on sites nationwide ranging from access road repairs to tower member replacements to coax connector repairs. Whether it is a callout repair at a single site for a local market or a multi-year preventive maintenance contract with over 20,000 site visits per year, SiteMaster is your go-to contractor for maintenance and repair services.

Our Maintenance & Repair Services Portfolio:

comtrain on SST tower

  • Tower – (Repairs, Upgrades, Mods, Plumb & Tensions, Galvanization, Painting, etc.)
  • Lighting – (Repairs, NOTAM reporting, Upgrades, Replacements, Monitoring & upgrades, etc.)
  • Compound/Site – (Access Roads, Fencing, Expansions, Drainage, Wildlife infestations, Landowner issue resolution, etc.)
  • Network – Line & Antenna, Shelter / Cabinet (Power Plant, HVAC, etc.)
  • Preventive / Scheduled, Demand, & Emergency Services – (Contracted & Call-out)