Wireless Infrastructure Services

Environmental, Health, & Safety

Philosophy and Commitment

Through the active participation of its officers and employees, SiteMaster, Inc. is committed to operating in a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly manner. The Company will adhere with all applicable laws and regulations and good industry practices.

SiteMaster is committed to:

  • PREVENTION of accidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • PROTECTION of the health and safety of its employees, customers, clients, contractors, communities and the environment.
  • RESPONSE to emergency situations appropriately and promptly.

The Company’s officers and employees are responsible for participation in the Company’s EH&S programs and complying with our policies and applicable laws in order to protect their health and safety as well as the health and safety of others around them.

EH&S Stewardship Principles

SiteMaster maintains its commitment through the dedication and support of management, employees and contractors. In meeting this commitment to EH&S Stewardship, the following principles will be upheld:

  • Safety—Safety is our priority and it will not be compromised. All work will be performed safely and in a manner that maintains the wellbeing of all of our stakeholders
  • Compliance—SiteMaster will comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations
  • Training & Equipping—Employees will be provided with training and tools necessary to complete their jobs safely
  • Environmental—Protection of the environment will be a priority and SiteMaster will strive to reduce its ‘footprint’ where possible.
  • Contractors—Contractors will be held to the same EH&S standards as we require of our own personnel
  • Response—Respond quickly and effectively to EH&S incidents and in cooperation with local response services, authorities and government agencies as may be required.
  • Reporting—SiteMaster will track compliance and performance, and promptly report EH&S incidents and performance to responsible company personnel and appropriate regulatory agencies.
  • Communication—Maintain communications with management, employees, our customers & clients, contractors, government agencies and the public as may be necessary.

Safety Program

SiteMaster maintains a comprehensive Safety Program based on 7 primary components:

  • Safety Policy – Sets the goals and guidelines
  • Safety Manual – Defines the practices and procedures
  • Safety Training – Annual (Plus) Session to teach & refresh Policies, Practices, & Procedures (3P’s)
  • Safety Meetings – Field Meetings to reinforce the 3P’s
  • Safety Audits – Checkup for Compliance
  • Safety Reporting – Compliance (Ex. – JSA’s) & Incident
  • Safety Analysis – Review, Revise, Reinforce

Key Operational Components of our Safety Program:

  • Pre-Employment Background Checks on All Employees
  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing on All Employees
  • Random Drug Testing Program
  • All Employees: Red Cross First Aid CPR
  • All Tower Climbers: CommTrain Competent Climber & Rescue Training
  • All Field Employees: OSHA 10 Hour
  • All Applicable Employees: SiteMaster Safety Policy & Safety Manual – Initial & Annual
  • All Vehicles GPS Tracking Equipped